Friday, February 05, 2010

Listen to PowerFM Dublin into the car &more (with Nokia phones)

Bluetooth audio live internet radio from my Nokia 5800 to the... on Twitpic What you need -

1. New-ish Nokia Phone
2. Wifi and/or good data plan with your mobile phone operator
    (careful, this could get expensive!)
3. LCG Jukebox available here:
    Costs: 18.50 Euro
4. Setting up PowerFM in LCG Jukebox:

Browse - Menu, Playlist, Station manager. Menu, New Station.

Put in the following, title of "Powerfm" and beneath that:
In the bitrate box put: 128   

If you have line-in on your car stereo you can use the headphone out jack on your phone to connect up. Or if you are lucky enough to have a Bluetooth A2DP enabled car radio, you can connect and stream PowerFM wirelessly.

Where you're near wifi, you can use your phone like an old FM walkman and listen to powerfm on headphones away from your pc with no data costs.

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  1. Great Stuff Mate!!
    Anthony O'Brien